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Our purpose:

To guide you in creating your self-care journey

in a simple and manageable way.


"We are made up of many parts, if any part falls short, it affects the whole. You must be intentional about taking care of every aspect of you.  Self care is essential, for you cannot serve from an empty vessel"


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Meet Dionne


Dionne is a Certified  Life Solutions  Coach,  Licensed Massage Therapist and Founder of Wholistic Insight Now (WIN); she is a Self-Care Coach, Speaker,  Author, Community Advocate and Artisan with the mission to heal, educate and empower you to overall self-care.  

Articles & Tips 

Educating and empowering you to optimum wellness through holistic self-care is the goal.  Here you will find articles and tips on what can be done to obtain or maintain self-care and overall balance which includes taking care of your mind, body, spirit and beyond.  

Massage Therapy & Wellness Assessment


When people think of massage some tend to think "relaxation." And yes, while it can feel like a natural tranquilizer taking you to a place of pure zen; there is so much more to be discovered about you from this amazing form of bodywork.  We are committed to guiding our clients into total holistic wellness using a number of modalities.

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