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"Making the decision to work with Dionne as I started my new business was one of the best decisions I could have made. During this time I was moving into uncomfortable territory, but having Dionne there to coach me through it with her wisdom and wholistic approach, she helped me to get spiritually attune so I could be solid in my next moves. I am so appreciative for Dionne and her services. You can never lose if you choose to WinWithDionne! She provides you with tools you can use!"

C. McNeill

Charlotte, NC

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"I love the creme glacee citrus serene..... I have to be honest I started using this product by accident.  I was  headed out of town and didn't have time to prepare my toiletries, so I needed to grab something quick; I remember getting this as a sample with another product I bought and figured what the heck I'll use it...To my surprise I fell in love with the way my skin felt after my 1st application and now I will always be a customer to "The Pilgrimage" brand."

R. Richardson

Marietta, GA

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People Are Talking...Products

People Are Talking...Workshops

"Very enjoyable session.  It was informative and helpful in recognizing the importance of balance."

L. Hedgepeth

Alpharetta, GA

"I truly enjoyed this time, very relaxing and knowledgeable.  I will commit to start meditation.  Thank you!"

E. Cook

Alpharetta, GA

"The workshop was awesome!  I will definitely incorporate P.E.S.E. into my lifestyle.  Thank you!"

C. Burton

Alpharetta, GA

"The P.E.S.E. seminar helped put into perspective the importance of meditation and it gave me some helpful directives to take better are of myself."

T. Montgomery

Alpharetta, GA

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