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A Journey in Self-Care...

As a licensed massage therapist, it is important that my work with clients be intentional and specific to their respective needs.  The body is our main source for accomplishing everything that we do and no two bodies are the same.  What we put "on" our bodies is just as important as what we put "in" them.

With that mindset, The Pilgrimage by Dionne Marie was personally developed as a "journey in self-care from crown to sole" to nourish the mind, body and spirit.  

The products are made with natural and organic ingredients carefully selected and include: Massage & body oil, exfoliating scrubs, bath salts, crème glacée (hair & body butter), restoring mist (to boost energy and mood), hand sanitizer, refreshing herbal teas specific to the body systems and more.

Despite the high demand, I still mix and label every product, because it is important to me that customers know that I oversee everything that I send into their homes.  They need to trust that I use the same products on my private clients, and myself, that I recommend to them.


Click here to order products and begin your journey.

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