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Self-Care for the Mind Body & Spirit

Self-care can be many things...but the question often asked is “how do I implement it”, “what is required to achieve it” or “where do I begin?” Here are a few tips for self-care of the mind, body and spirit, just remember that it is a plan created for you, by you, and it is a necessary journey:

For the Mind

Develop a gratitude list – Think about something that you are thankful or appreciative of and write it down, make it a daily, weekly, monthly or annual practice.

Unplug for a day (or two, or three) – We can all stand a day of absence from our phones, computers, iPods, headsets, etc. to clear out the white noise and be in the now moment.

Declutter your space – Remove the excess, whether it’s email, your closet, the garage, or mind space, you won’t believe just how “free” you will feel.

For the Body

Get an adequate amount of sleep for your body – Every “body” is different, get the appropriate amount of sleep that suites you. Incorporate nap-time in your day or over the weekend. It’s quite refreshing.

Be still and just breathe – Take a few minutes and just sit in silence, start with 1-2 minutes and just “be." Pay attention to your breathing with a few deep cleansing breathes, inhale the beauty and blessings of the day and exhale anything that is contrary to it. Just be…

Find ways to simplify your schedule – Sometimes less is more, it doesn’t mean that you’re giving it less, it just opens you up to be at your very best.

For the Spirit

Give back to someone or something outside of your circle – I am a firm believer that the core of our humanity prompts us to give something positive back to the human experience, therefore find that thing outside of your comfort zone and give back.

Spend time with family and friends – I mean really spend time, preferably in person, but it can also be by video chat, or by phone. Listen, be attentive, be in tune with the experience and have a great time. This helps you stay grounded.

Be spiritually connected – Whether it's prayer, meditation, or affirmations, be committed to connecting with your faith on a daily basis. It provides us with a foundation for daily living.

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